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In 2008, all Troy Peterson wanted to do was give his wife the honeymoon and vacation they deserved. Being software engineers, they married two years earlier but never had time for a honeymoon. Given the chance by his boss and friend, Troy grabbed the opportunity and got tickets for a cruise to the Bahamas for a dream vacation. After arriving in Nassau, they had two beautiful days. But just before they get ready to board the ship, Julia disappears. The Ship’s Staff Captain leads an all out search, but she is nowhere to be found. Forced to leave, the ship turns the investigation over to local police, and the FBI is assigned. Troy refuses to leave with the ship, and he stays behind to search for his wife.

2018 – The Maiden Voyage of the fleet’s newest, and most impressive ship on the seas leaves New York with over 5000 passengers and crew. The VIP list includes the Cruise Lines President, State and local officials besides other dignitaries. One unpredictable and relentless storm heading in their path, bringing a nightmare no ship or crew ever wants to face, much less survive. One man’s deadly and unforgivable revenge for the Captain and a serial bomber on board seeking his own retribution for the team of investigators hunting down the Captain’s enemy. A 10 day vacation turns into 10 days of hell and survival as a team of unconventional investigators and one former criminal work together to stop one madman about to create a disaster at sea of unthinkable horror.

Sending one ship and over 5000 people to the bottom of an unforgiving Ocean.


The Author

When not reading or writing, Pete is a devoted Model Train enthusiast and an avid Sports cars admirer, where Pete and his wife are members of a local sports car auto club. On weekends, they enjoy travels throughout the northeast areas of New York and New England.

He is a member of The Alliance of Independent Authors and lives with his wife in New York State, enjoying family time with their children, spouses and eight grandchildren.

His follow up novel to an Ocean for Revenge is currently in the works!

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