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A book lover from childhood, Pete is a passionate reader in leisure time and enjoys various authors and their novels. As a young boy, his Mother who was also a fervent reader took him on his initial visit to a bookstore in New York. There he discovered an unknown world of adventure and imagination. Walking out that afternoon with his first purchase of a Hardy Boys mystery, he was hooked. That initial book was only one in hundreds of various genres from Science Fiction, thrillers and mysteries to historical novels Pete would read.

In High School and College, Pete’s sincere interest was in Literature and History. Through his years as a successful business professional, the passion to write was always there.

After retirement in 2013, Pete continued working with various business services, but never gave up on the prospect of writing. In the fall of 2019, that opportunity became a reality when Pete began work on his initial novel, An Ocean for Revenge. The outline, starting from months of notes and conception, developing into a synopsis. After several revisions and editing, that synopsis becomes the adventure taking the reader on an unforgettable journey from start to finish.

The soon to be released novel is scheduled for release in late July Share in our timeline of our release and Stay Tuned for Updates and sneak previews!

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My goal as an author is to entertain the reader in a world separate from their own at that moment. To take you from the present and place you in the story’s heart. To set you there, at the scene, to embrace the imagination, to engage the senses and describe the moment.

Imagine you are an intern in a large law firm and invited to a weekend getaway on a yacht by your boss. The guest list is impressive and a chance to meet some very influential people. The party goes late into the evening and you retire to your cabin. That night is peaceful, but when you get up in the morning, there is no one on board. With the boat empty, and no signs of life anywhere, a problem exists. Everywhere you look, all you see is water, you do not know where you are, and the radio doesn’t work. Nothing works on the boat, no power, not anything. As you look out, the clouds are getting very gray and ugly, Why are you here and what do you do?

Whether you are the intern on that boat, a miner in the 1840s seeking gold or the Captain of an airliner that lands in an airport with 5 passengers missing. And it was a direct flight!

Inspiration is the key to a story, and how you become involved. Whether it be an hour on your lunch, or an afternoon on your porch, it is our pledge to entertain, to engage you in the story. To excite the imagination and to be a part of the moment.

Enjoy the Adventure!……..


What our Reader SAY

“I, loved all the twists and Turns! What a captivating storyline that kept me wanting more”

Sabrina A

Our Reader

A Thriller that takes you in from the first page to the last, with an ending that just says Give Me More! Good Luck putting this one down!

Mary M

Our Reader

“What a GREAT read! Had a hard time putting it down, Can’t wait for the sequel!!

Barb S

Our Reader

“If. You. want a nonstop adventure, here’s your ticket, and hold on!
You won’t be disappointed!

Patrick B

Our Reader

This is an amazing book. Kept my interest from the beginning with wonderful twists and turns. I felt like I personally knew the characters and was experiencing everything with them. I already want more. Very well written with exquisite attention to details. A Must Read. You will not be disappointed. Can not wait for more from this author P B King Sr…

A must read

Our Reader

This is such a great read with lots of twists and turns. I couldn’t put it down, constantly wondering what the next chapter will give me!


Our Reader

Love this incredible book with a storyline that keeps you on the edge of your seat!! Can’t wait for more!

Wow!! What a book!

Our Reader

What a great novel! The characters are personable and believable and the plot hooks your right from the start! I definitely do NOT want to go on a cruise ever…however with how the book is written I felt I already have been on one. I look forward to the next!

When is the next book!!

I read this cover to cover in about 4 days. I found it to be very easy to read. It flowed nicely from character to character. I enjoyed how the back stories of each character were meshed together with others. At times it seemed predictable but, the twist was, that it was not predictable at all. Mr King did a good job fooling me into thinking I had it figured out. I thoroughly enjoyed this offering and, I’m excitedly looking forward to a follow up.

Lee Briggs

Our Reader