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13 January, 2022

How Things Change …

One might think that when writing any type of story, you sit down and go right thru every thought as though it was imprinted in your mind. Actually, that is a rare and limited action.
You see there are many ways to write a book, whether it fiction, historical or factual.
If you write a historical or factual, most writers have a plan, or an outline stating the facts or events that will be the focus of the subject matter.

Fiction writers have more “space” as they are not tied to one theory of fact, they can change it a hundred ways before getting to press. I myself am this type of writer, I am a “Pantser”, not a planner, basically writing by the seat of my pants, I can change my thoughts ten times a day until the right scene fits the moment.
Take in case….

My first draft of An Ocean for Revenge “was originally titled “REVENGE – A Course over Time”, but as I started writing, the scenes coming more together, I wanted a more impactful title, so scratch title #1.
The second change came to play as the original draft showed “Chief Inspector” Simon McKenzie from Scotland Yard, teaming up with the NYPD chasing down a vengeful passenger whose wife went missing on a ship, presumably falling overboard but never found. The husband is on a quest to destroy the ship they were on, having found notes in their apartment in London. Chief Inspector McKenzie is assigned the case and to The US he comes meeting up with a very insulting, stubborn, and foreboding “Dennis” Rockwell, who never agrees with McKenzie and a very shaky relationship develops. Much different than the FBI agent Simon McKenzie became, with a strong friendship with “Daniel” Rockwell. The name change was insignificant, I just thought it fit better, more Pantser I guess.
The ship launched from New York amid great fanfare, but unknowing to the cruise line or passengers, one passenger boards the ship from a recent trip from Africa, bringing with him a deadly virus that spreads throughout the whole ship, slowly killing passengers one by one. The ship calls for help, amid a rising storm at sea, but no one comes to their rescue due to the pandemic on board. They are left alone, a floating out of control pandemic at sea.

Before I could chase down the other parts of the story, January 2020 hit, and so did Covid-19.
There was absolutely no way I could write this amid what was starting out in our own country,
So in the cave went draft #1, and I slowly came up with a new draft involving a passenger, his wife disappearance and a new plot changing scenes, scenery and relationships.
That is an advantage of the pantser style, change as you must, change as you will, change because you develop new thoughts daily.

Ocean for Revenge was published much differently than originally written, I’ll post more changes in the future. Meanwhile watch for the profiles on our characters, an inside look into who they really are.!!

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